Do you want to know beautiful Japanese Garden?

Japanese garden is art.
The design is not only highlight the natural landscape, but philosophical ideas.
Although, Japanese gardens are created from natural resources(trees, moss, rocks, gravels, ponds), its represent more beautiful natural landscapes than real ones.

About me

My name is Kohei. 
I’m a gardener who maintain Japanese house gardens, temples. I used to prune tree, plant, and add the nutrient soil for plant. It is important to keep the historic house and temple gardens in good condition for next generation. 

The first Japanese style garden, whose ideas had come from China, created in the Asuka period (6th to 7th century) and spread throughout Japan. Today, there are so many Japanese gardens that are famous as tourist destinations. 

In this blog, I show information about the beautiful Japanese gardens in Kyoto and the best season to visit those places from my own experience as a gardener. This blog can help you when you go sightseeing in Kyoto.

I also offer a tour guides packages.
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