Rakusui pond Japanese garden


The Rakusui pond Japanese garden is in the south area of the Kurume city art museum, built by Shojiro Ishibashi who is owner of manufacturing company in 1956. It is one of the tourist destination in Kurume city, because It has not only museum , but also various types of garden, such as Japanese garden area, Rose garden area, and forest area where many different type of trees bloom.

This Japanese garden is a pond strolling garden which has a powerful waterfall, a calm stream, and colorful carps in the pond. The highlight is the view of the entire garden from garden cafe, called “Rakusui-tei”,which has a spectacular view and some Japanese drinks, making us relax.

The authentic Japanese garden view with Chinese mythology

The view from the cafe  "Rakusuitei" in Japanese zone of the Kurume city art museum
The view from the cafe “Rakusuitei” in Japanese zone

It is an authentic view that the gently curved stone bridge connecting the island, a stone lanterns and a waterfall on the left of the picture. The island with the three manicured pines on the center is a symbol of the mount Penglai which is legendary land of Chinese mythology, and they say that there are elixir of life. The Japanese gardens were inspired by Chinese ones, therefor it include the Chinese garden landscaping.

The powerful waterfall with natural rock

The Waterfall in the south area of the Kurume city art museum
The Waterfall in the south area of Japanese garden

It is a powerful Japanese waterfall with the volume of a lot of water flowing, which it splashes more violently by arranging stones at the bouncing water place. The giant rocks with surrounding the waterfall represent the deep mountain forest. It is the good color combination with the Dwarf bamboos which have white color frame on left of photo, it is stunning waterfall. 

The calm stream flowing to the river

The Stream in the East of Japanese garden of the Kurume city art museum
The Stream in the East of Japanese garden

The stream flows from the large pond to the river. The pebbles on the riverbed underwater represent gentle river flow. You can get up close by crossing the stepping stones. In spring season, Thunberg spirea bushes make white flowers on the left of picture, making the garden more spectacular.

Birth month flowers in the Rakusui pond Japanese garden

– March
Plum blossom
Early March – Late MarchThunberg spirea
Middle April 
– Early May
Late NovemberAutum leaves


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1015 Nonakamachi, Kurume, Fukuoka 839 – 0862

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