Daimaru Besso Garden


Daimaru Besso Garden is a long-established Japanese style inn that was built in Futukaichi-city close to Dazaifu in 1865.The Japanese courtyard garden of this inn is strolling pond garden about 12000㎡ with different types of trees that bloom every season.It will be a great experience for you to stay this historical inn with a delicious meal, a hot spring bath and the beautiful garden.

The beautiful view from the room

Daimaru Besso Garden, Japanese quince blossom and Cycad
Japanese quince blossom and Cycad

The garden adjoin the room and the view from the window takes your breath away.Japanese quince blooms and fresh green leaves grow in spring season.

A sit and relaxing spot

Daimaru Besso Garden, The covered bridge with bench
The covered bridge with bench

There is  a covered bridge in the center of the pond. you can sit and relax there after eating delicious dinner or taking a great hot spring.

legendary Chinese island “Mount Penglai”

Daimaru Besso Garden, the pond with stepping stones
the pond with stepping stones

The Stepping stones are arranged in the center of the pond, and the pine trees, symbol of wealth and power, are planted on islet that represent legendary Chinese island “Mount Penglai” that immortal ascetic lived there.

Flowers and seasons

※The time when the flowers bloom varies slightly depending on the year

– March
Plum blossom
MarchMaule’s quince
Thunberg spirea
Middle April
– Early May
– Early August
– Late September
Crape myrtle 
Late Novemberautumn leaves

Link and resources

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