Ohori park


Ohori park is a vast park about 400,000㎡, 2km around, lots of trees. This park a has a magnificent oval pond that utilizes the remains of the outer moat of Fukuoka Castle and opened in 1929.  It is located in the center of Fukuoka city, very accessible location that is close to station and bus stop therefore it is the One of the tourist destination for nice walking in Fukuoka.

The Islands and bridges

the Bridge”syougetu-basi” leading to island

This pond was designed based on huge xi lake in china and traditional buildings around there. There are two long Islands and four bridges in the middle of the pond. Crossing the bridge and going deeper into the island, it transport you to another world. Many Pine trees are planted in there, imagining the beach of old Japan.

Red color hall “Ukimido”

The shrine style hall to look around the lake

The highlight is the red color hall ”Ukimido” that is located in the north of the island and was a part of a zoo structure relocation. This hall had been designed as the shrine style that is the wooden building with the copper sheeting roof crossing flat bridge. It has a sacred atmosphere and the view from the hall is wonderful. 

Japanese garden in Ohori park

The gate of Japanese garden in Ohori park
The gate of Japanese garden in Ohori park

Ohori park Japanese garden is the strolling pond garden with the winding river, teahouse garden, and dry landscape garden, located south part of Ohori park. It is a quaint Japanese garden and the view of landscape takes your breath away.

The Playgrounds and buildings around the lake

For the family, it has two Children’s playgrounds, Art museum, and the rental swan boat to float on the lake. There are fashionable cafes around the lake and you can enjoy a drink with a beautiful view.  


24 hours

free(except for the Japanese garden and Art Musium)

Telephone(Ohori/Nishi park Management office)

1 Ohorikoen, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, 810 – 0051

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