Yusenitei is good place to relax and admire the awesome view of Japanese garden from the tea room. This tea house is the feudal lord Kuroda’s villa which was renovated and opened to the public in Fukuoka city. Yusentei has a unique  combination of two type gardens that are the tea house garden and the strolling pond garden. The Quaint garden view from the peaceful space of tea house takes your breath away.

The amazing view from tea room

Yusentei, View from tea room
View from tea room

It is an amazing strolling pond garden view from the corner windows of a tea room. In addition, Yusentei offers authentic green tea “Mattha” and Japanese sweets “Wagashi” in traditional tea room with tatami floor and red felt carpet. This peaceful place helps clear your mind.

Feature of tea house garden

Yusentei, Tea house garden
Tea house garden

Tea house garden is designed by moss-covered ground and quaint pond, created by natural stones to blend with nature. There are only humble tree such as small oak, and Japanese andromeda with sunbeam. Walking after the tea house is peaceful meditation.

Fature of strolling pond garden

Yusentei, Arrangement of natural stones
Arrangement of natural stones

In strolling pond garden, the arrangement of natural stones create an elegant view. The pebble beach represents ripples waves and two different gently curved types(bridge and stepping stone) make you realize that simple is beautiful. As other key of strolling pond garden, various kinds of trees are planted and bloom in four seasons, such as plum  blossom in spring and autumn leaves in fall.
It is one of the most sophisticated and elegant garden design in Japanese Teahouse garden that I have ever visited

Flowers and Seasons

※The time when the flowers bloom varies slightly depending on the year.

Late January – Late FebruaryCamellia
Early February – Early MarchPlum blossom
Early March – Late MarchJapanese andromeda
Middle April – Early MayAzaleas
Late November
– Middle December 
Autumn leaves 


Open hours

Regular holiday
Monday(if Monday is national holiday, the next day will be substitute holiday)
New year’s holiday (Dec29-Jan1)

Adults: 200yen
Junior high school students and under: 100yen

Green tea & sweets: 500yen


1-46 Yusentei, Jonan Ward, Fukuoka, 814 – 0122

Link and resource

Official website
Yusentei (Japanese only)