Shofuen is a tea house and garden, located in Fukuoka city. This building had been created as the residence for Mr. Tanaka who was the owner of department store and has been renovated to open to the public since 2007. It was Just recently opened, and therefore not well known to tourlist. This garden create a peaceful atmosphere that relax your mind, like a hidden gem.

High contrast scenery

Shofuen, the scenery from the tea house
the scenery from the tea house

There are manicured pine in the right, sheared azalea bushes in the middle, and more than 100 year old maple tree in the left side.It is a beautiful contrast between the green of the trees and the red of the umbrellas and chairs.

Natural scenery with stone ornaments

Shofuen, The scenery from the waiting room
The scenery from the waiting room

Shofuen has one of the standard teahouse garden design in Japanese gardens. There are all ornaments for tea ceremony, such as staggered stepping stone, stone lantern and stone wash basin. Although the scenery is not gorgeous and colorful, it show us that simple is beautiful.

The view from tea room

Shofuen, Tea room with red felt carpet
Tea room with red felt carpet

The scenery of the garden from tea room is wonderful. you can also enjoy the set of green tea “matcha” and Japanese sweets “wagashi” in the tea room with tatami floor and red felt carpet or on the bench and spend a great time.

Small Flowers bloom

Shofuen, Japanese Andromeda blossom
Japanese Andromeda blossom

There aren’t flashy flowers in this teahouse garden because of the Wabi-Sabi philosophy (it eliminates the artificial beauty).But small flowers, like Japanese andromedas and cornus officinalis bloom in spring.

Flowers and seasons

※The time when the flowers bloom varies slightly depending on the year.

Month Flowers
– March
Japanese andromeda
Cornus officinalis
Late Apri
– Early May
Late NovemberAutumn leaves


Open hours

Regular holiday
Tuesday(if Tuesday is national holiday, the next day will be substitute holiday)
New year’s holiday (Dec29-Jan1)

Adults: 100yen
Junior high school students and under: 50yen

Green tea & sweets: 500yen


3 Chome-28 Hirao, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, 810-0014

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official website(Japanese)