Rakusuien has two type gardens that are the teahouse garden and the strolling pond garden. Those garden had been villa’s one for Shimozawa Zenemon who was a merchant in Hakata city, and has opened to the public in 1995. It is very close to Fukuoka airport and Hakata station which is one of the central one. Rakusuien is create a peaceful atmosphere, so it is a common tourist destination to get relaxed in a big city. 

The authentic strolling pond garden

Rakusuien Pond garden with cherry blossom and stone ornaments
Pond garden with cherry blossom and stone ornaments

The weeping cherry blossom, which is unique in the strolling pond garden, blooms beside the pond in spring. Although it’s the old tree, It’s a good accent color in the garden and some waterside plants reflect in the pond. In addition to those garden plants, the Japanese garden ornaments such as the low stone lantern and the flat stone bridge show us an authentic view.

The stunning multi-level waterfall

Rakusuien The waterfall with moss stone
The waterfall with moss stone

There is the multi-level waterfall with moss stone in the back of the garden. This waterfall is built with various shape stones, formed as the complex streams flow but it is controlled. Rugged rocks, which are arranged on both sides of the waterfall, represent the deep mountains. It is one of the most stunning waterfall with a sense of elegance and beauty.

The walls separated from Rakusuien from buildings

Rakusuien, The plaster wall and the woven bamboo fence
The plaster wall and the woven bamboo fence

Although Rakusuien is located in building area, it’s separated by the walls which surround teahouse garden. From the entrance, there are walls that the plaster wall with roof tiles and stones on the right side, and the woven bamboo fence on the other side. In addition, the paving stones and moss, leading to the teahouse garden, create a sacred atmosphere.

The beautiful garden view from the tearoom

Rakusuien, Tearoom with a cop of green tea and sweets
Tearoom with a cop of green tea and sweets

Rakusuien offers nice taste green tea some sweets. It is a relaxation time, sipping green tea and eating sweets in traditional tearoom with tatami floor. And the shining garden view from the tearoom take your breath away.

Flowers and season s

※The time when the flowers bloom varies slightly depending on the year.

Month Flowers
Mid MarchWeeping cherry blossom
Mid – Late MarchCorylopsis pauciflora
Early JuneJapanese Japanese iris
Late NovemberAutum leaves


Open hours

Regular holiday
Tuesday(if Tuesday is national holiday, the next day will be substitute holiday)
New year’s holiday (Dec29-Jan1)

Adults: 100yen
Junior high school students and under: 50yen

Green tea & sweets: 500yen


2 Chome-10-7 Sumiyoshi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka, 812 – 0018

Link and resources

・Official website
Rakusuien(Japanese only)