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Top 3 Most beautiful Japanese Teahouse Garden in Fukuoka


Fukuoka has a big port cities and building areas, but at the same time it has the great teahouses and gardens which get less recognition than it deserve, because those garden just opened to the public.

It is feature of Fukuoka teahouse gardens that are created for rich people. Even though those are private gardens, some building materials and garden ornaments were imported from Kyoto ,origin of Japanese teahouses and gardens. For this reason, Fukuoka teahouse and gardens are as high quality as Kyoto one’s.

Here are three introductions of beautiful teahouse garden in Fukuoka. All of those house serve a green tea and sweets in tea room with great garden view. It will be a great and relaxing time on a trip.


Shofuen, The maple tree and azaleas view from tea room
The maple tree and azaleas view from tea room

Shofuen has very quiet atmosphere but gorgeous garden. The highlight is a stunning view from the conner windows of tea room. There are big Japanese maple tree that is over than 100 years old. Still, it has fresh green leaves, and change the red color in December and sheard azalea bushes bloom in May. This garden is well designed, has all ornaments to need for tea ceremony. representive teahouse and garden. It is beautiful and authentic garden which clear your mind. 


Rakusuien, Cherry blossom and pond garden
Cherry blossom and pond garden

Rakusuien is easy to access, because it is close to the Hakata station and Fukuoka airport. Thought the city is building area, Rakusui-en is an only peaceful place and create special atmosphere, surrounded stucco walls and bamboo fences.The teahouse garden has an authentic pond, waterfall, seasonal, seasonal flower, and it’s good place to go for a relax walk. Especially, the weeping sakura cherry tree bloom in spring season. It is a really hidden gem in huge Fukuoka building.


Yusentei, Strolling pond garden view from tea room
Strolling pond garden view from tea room

Yusentei has a unique garden which combines two types. The one is the strolling pond garden that there is an authentic pond surrounded by seasonal blossom trees and sculptures, this garden is the Heian period style [8th~12th]. The other is the teahouse garden that small flower trees, evergreen trees and  moss cover the ground to show rustic simplicity, this is the Azuchi Momoyama period style [16th]. The special view from tea room mix era has give you special experience.

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