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Late-Blooming Cherry Blossom in Kyoto: Discover Uhoin temple


Kyoto is one of the best place in Japan to see cherry blossom and is crowded with tourists every year.

Recently, however, cherry trees tend to bloom earlier than usual , due to a warming climate. Especially, in 2021 and 2023, it become extremely early flowering year: the most popular Japanese cherry blossom ”Someiyoshino” produced flowers about 10 days earlier. The entire blooming period is typically within a week to 10 days. Some visitors missed the cherry blossom peak season. Even if you arrived in Kyoto a couple of days or week too late, there are other ways to enjoy the cherry blossom. 

One of the best spots for late blooming cherry blossoms in Kyoto is Uhoin temple, which is known for various types of cherry blossoms that bloom early to mid-April. Here is informations about Uhoin temple and beautiful Late-Blooming cherry blossoms.

What is a Uhoin temple

Uhoin temple is a buddhist temple of shingon sect, located in northern kyoto. The Kukai who founded the esoteric Shingon School built the first Uhoin temple in 821 for the healing of emperor Saga. However, it was devastated during the Onin War (1476-77) , and was later rebuilt during the Tensho period(1573-93).

temple gate ”Sanmon
temple gate ”Sanmon

There are buddhist temple gates ”Sanmon”,located in southern and western of Uhoin temple area. Those wooden gates are featuring four supporting pillars and gabled roofs. The lantern, which name of Acala, Mahakala and Ganesh in the Buddhist pantheon, is hooked on the gates.

 Kannon-do hall
Kannon-do hall

 Uhoin temple has Kannon-do hall with colorful flag. Statue of the thousand-armed Kannon that is regarded as tangible cultural properties is housed in hall.

There are famous spots around Uhoin temple in northern Kyoto : “Kyoto imperial palace”, served as the residence of the Imperial Family until 1868 and “Daitokuji temple” which is big home to over 20 sub-temples, each with its unique style of architecture and beautiful gardens. The Uhoin temple is added as one of those spots to visit.

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The types of cherry blossom

Uhoin temple is known for a late-blooming cherry blossom spot. There are many various of cherry blossom, blooming from early to mid-April. 

“Gyoiko” cherry blossom in Uhoin temple

The unique one is “Gyoiko” cherry blossom (picture) which produces creamy white and green flowers, accentuated by red color in the center. “Gyoi-ko” is a clothing color of Japanese emperors and nobles. “Gyoiko”cherry blossom is named for the same elegant color of petals, attracting visitors.

“Yaeshidare Zakura” is a weeping cherry blossom which is elegant middle hight cherry tree. The ruby pink more 20 petals bloom from sagging branches in early-April. This tree is hybrid of “Edohigan” usually produce flowers first and leaves later.

Kanzan cherry blossom in Uhoin temple

“Kanzan” is a gorgeous cherry blossom, whose deep red more 20 petals bloom. Kanzan cherry tree is a hybrid, based on the Sato cherry tree, developed in the Edo period(1603-1868) This beautiful fat flowers attract many visitors.

“Kannon Zakura” cherry bloom is same type as “Omuro Zakura” cherry tree in Ninnaji temple. “Kannon Zakura ” cherry tree is a short tree trunk with pinkish-white 10 to 19 petals. Visitors enjoy their charming blossoms at eye level.

How to avoid the crowds

Kyoto is very crowded and roads filled with cars and buses, even after peak cherry blossom season( early to mid-April ).

Taking trains or using bicycle is more likely to get you to your destination on time than using bus or taxi.

By train: 

It’s 18 minute walk away from nearest station: Kyoto subway “Imadegawa” station to Uhoin temple

By bicycle:

Roads to Uhoin temple are well maintained, there are many rental bicycle stores.


Open hours
9:00 ~ 17:00


Regular holiday

Official site(Only Japanese)

〒602-8481 Kyoto, Kamigyo Ward, Shōtenchō, 9-3